KAMS student pledge

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School students have focused on “Being the Difference” in their school and communities throughout the year. KAMS students continued their  “Being the Difference” through the #UnfollowBullying campaign by taking a stand against school violence and those who are cyberbullies.

Students were asked to pledge the following:

  • I agree to step up and take a stand against cyberbullying.
  • I agree to support others who are targets of cyberbullying.
  • I agree to think before clicking on Submit.
  • I agree to “unfollow,” unfriend,” and “delete” cyber bullying.

KAMS #UnfollowBullying Team Posters

Students competed in a team competition for most signed pledges.
AMS Students

Students were also asked to create anti-cyberbullying campaign posters to be entered into a school wide #UnfollowBullying art contest – the first of its kind.  The campaign culminated with teachers facilitating classroom discussions about cyberbullying during third period.  Albiani Middle School has involved their parent community in the campaign through flyers, communications via School Loop and their Parent University.