May 23


Have you ever seen something which you could just not explain?

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  1. Donny

    No i can explain everything i see cause it is not that hard and i always know what it is unless it is something new that nobody has seen before in there lives.

  2. Brianna

    Yes i have because once i saw a movie with a girl that was suppose to be dead. But then she was alive and i could not explain how she was still alive. And then i found out she was still possesed by the demon that had been hunting her whole life.

  3. Ericka^.^

    Yes… yes i have I have seen a picture of a girl hugging the same girl when she was younger I MEAN COME ON I was out of breath when i saw that picture :O

  4. LeeAustin

    I have seen something I can’t explain is sharks eating the baby seals that is something I can’t explain to the world but I bet if shark’s could talk they could explain that to the world.But why can’t sharks choose something else to eat instead of baby seals like big tuna fish.

  5. Quynh

    i seen the shadow of a person,like a character in the video games, actually the shadow look like a character in the comic books too… but why is it here??

  6. daniel

    The thing i just can’t explain would Do something in a video game and just can;t explain it what you have to do.


  7. Tanisha

    Yes one time I saw a dog in the middle of the road at night so when I went back home I told my mom that I saw a dog in the road but I wan’t able to tell it in detail. Then my mom asked me about the color of the dog and only saw a little bit of black so that was kind of hard to explain. As you can see, that is something that was hard to explain.

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