12 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Haylie

    I think that TV does harm you because it can hurt your eyes.Also you could be to close to the TV and it will hurt your eyes.Another thing is that the TV can be to bright.

  2. isaac lucas

    I would say a no because watching tv shows would relax you and There would be people waching there favorite cartoon shows and it would be fun for kids to watch there shows.

  3. Ericka^.^

    Watching tv can harm us because if we watch to much of it we can go blind Also,it can take away time for kids to study for test or even do there hoomework.

  4. ivan

    I think TV can harm us because it can make us lazy and eat of lot of junk food and it can make people gane fat in our body.

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    Watching TV gave me a headache because I stared at it too long. I was getting dizzy. It hurts so much. I couldn’t take it anymore. _

  6. Brianna

    No watching tv cannot harm us because there are shows and movies that are educational for kids and babies. They can be shows or movies that can teach you things you never knew that were important in life.

  7. raina

    yes because if we wath to much tv we can go belid and they not good so don’t wath tv to much.

  8. Amanda

    Watching TV can harm us because if you watch to much TV your vision can get damaged. That is how TV ca harm you.

  9. Quynh

    it is harm us because your eyes can be opaque ,and you can see anything near to you but you can not see everything too far..

  10. daniel

    Yes it can harm us because if stay close to the tv it will damage your eyes and it could blind. Or you see something somebody does and if you do it and hurt yourself it will harm you.


  11. Myles

    I do think t.v can harm us but I would still watch t.v. I think t.v can harm us by telling us non real things and showing stuff that can’t even do.

  12. Tanisha

    Yes if you keep watching t.v it can harm you. First of all, if you keep watching TV your eyes could get bad. Another reason T.V can harm you is that sometimes your head can hurt. As you can see, that is why T.V can harm you.

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