8 thoughts on “Journal

  1. isaac lucas

    i love rainy days becuse u can play games in your house and have fun with your friends at school too.u can watch tv to with your famliy too.

  2. toetags916 alim

    My most favorit thing to do on a rainy day is make a pillow and blanket fort with my little brother because thats what he likes.

  3. raina

    my favorite thing to do on a rainy day is to paly make hot caolc and to wais a nice move and more to like paly jakr and haek and senk.

  4. ericka

    This is what I would do in the rain I would feel it first to see if its safe(: also I would jump in a huge puddle that i have in my back yard when it rains.When it is storming with lighting and thunder me and my family watch scary movies and we drink hot coco that is what I would do on a rainy day.

  5. Devon

    myles theres alwaye something to do on a rainy day.do you like books? they can help pass the time. do you like to play games?they are fun on a rainy day.or you can watch tv.

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