January 25

Vocabulary post

Tell me three interesting facts about the Corpse Lilly.


Give me an example of something that can photosynthesize?

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8 thoughts on “Vocabulary post

  1. Haylie

    1. The Corpse Lilly is a big flower.
    2. The Corpse Lilly gets it food different from the other flowers.
    3.Also it is not easy to find this flower.

  2. K_e_v_i_n

    1. It smells horrible

    2. It steals food.

    3. It doesn’t need sunlight.

    A plant can photo synthesize :ppp

  3. LeeAustin

    1.The corpse lily its food from its nasty smell.
    2.The corpse lily is similar to the venus plant.
    3.The corpse lily eats almost the same food every day.

  4. Quynh

    1. doesn’t have chloroplast
    2. corpse lily survive where its to dark for another plant
    3. the flower buds erupt from plant root

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