January 25


If you could live on Mars, what do you think it would be like and what materials would you need to survive?

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  1. Monica Mendoza

    If i lived in mars and to get the material i need is to get a protection suit so you could survive.and other things you could survive

  2. Junior

    If I could live on Mars,It would be like living under water just with out the water and the things I would need to live, it would be food,items,a farm, and tools for build a space ship and other thing to help me live on Mars.

  3. Quynh

    if i live on Mars , i think i can relax so much , if i live on Mars i know i can fly then i think i fly around that to see somethings exciting in the mars , and the materials i need on the mars is oxygen because if people don’t have oxygen , they will be die .

  4. Amanda

    I think that if I lived in mars it would be very interesting but I could also die. I think that I would need lots of food to live up in mars that is what I think it would be like living in mars.

  5. Devon

    If I lived on mare the only thing i`d need to survive is a spacesuit.I would build a home with oxygen pumped in it.

  6. Junior

    If I were to live on Mars and the things I would need to survive, it would be food to help me grow stronger and heather, shelter to help me sleep and grow plants & fruits, and tools and metal,wood, and fire to help me stay warm.

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