8 thoughts on “JOurnal # 2

  1. purple girl (Monica)

    My favorite thing to do in P.E is running the track because when you run the track is really hard doing it is also really healthy for you.

  2. isaac lucas

    the pe i like is runing the mile run it give people more energy and make u faster.sealing the bacon is fun i was the next one to go next but i watch the boys vs the girls.everyone was cheering who wil win

  3. raina

    waht i like abot P.E is than so may coabb and draet eaixn and more tahn than come for like jand and pest is my favorite thsa to do in P.E.

  4. Quynh Tran

    My favorite thing i like to do in P.E time is watch the video in teacher computer , and do the things somethings their want you to do .

  5. JuniorB

    My favorite thing to do in P.E is hokey and running the two reasons I like hokey and running is that when we do hokey it helps me do better in thinking because when you play hokey you need to be ready for any thing and for running helps me with sports like Football and Baseball.

  6. Brianna/ Renee3314 at animal jam

    Hockey because you can practice how to play hockey and how to move and pass the puck back and forth.

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