11 thoughts on “Think about this?

  1. minecrafttime isaiah lucas

    not take care of ur body and reading the labes on the milk,beef,and others but if u r eating fish,nuts,and carrets

  2. Moni Monica

    How can proper nutrition help prevent disease?I can proctect my body by eating a healthy good stuff for my healthy clean body.How I can do that is eating protien,grain,vegtables,weat and all those stuff.eating vegtables and drinking milk is healthy for my body and your body so every one PROCTECT you BODY PLEASE.!!!!!
    thank you 😉

  3. LeeAustin

    proper nutrition help prevent diseases because it fights the germs coming into your body and it makes your body cold so it has no more germs coming into your body sometimes it instead of being cold it heats up and helps the preventing disease fight the germs also it warms up because your body knows your sick.

  4. Daniel

    Yes some nutrtions can probrely cure a disese. like carrots cure cancer to help people with that sickness. so this a good food to cure cancer. Also carrots can help you with your eyes to see father.And these are my two choises for carrots.

  5. Amanda

    The best way to prevent disease’s is that you need to have lots of milk to make your bones stronger and helthy. Another way is to eat lot’s of healthy thing like salade or egg and mushrooms and spinich.

  6. Ivan

    Nutrtions can take away disease’s you need to eat healthy food. The food you need to eat is meat, milk,and salade.

  7. xXHijackedHackerXx (Kevin)

    Proper nutrition can help you’re body by fighting off white blood cells.
    White blood cells cause disease. So I recommend getting proper nutrition.

  8. kaitlyn

    the way you can proper nutrition is by helping your body by eating healthy and the healthy foods are milk,grapes,whole wheat bread,and those kinds of foods you can eat but it is not just that it is also a lot more around the world and you need to eat healthy to my strong and healthy.

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