October 28

Food Groups

Name the basic food groups and give me an example of a food item that would go in each category.

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14 thoughts on “Food Groups

  1. Daniel

    Vegtiables carrots grow under ground.Carrots can have viteim A. Vitimen A helps your eyes see farther places.

  2. kaitlyn

    the first one i am going to do is fruit and the fruit i am going name is grapes i choose grapes because i think they are very good for you

  3. isaac

    vegitables,fruits,and dairy ,plats. vegitables is healthy for you and fruits is good to.dariy is a plat that what you wont to eat.plants are thing that grow and you can make coco beans and it is cholcok and it’s in,the tree

  4. lilacpetal (ericka)

    fruits:pair,apple,grape.:vegetables:carrots,lettuce,. Grains:bread,cereal,donuts. Protein:meat,.Dairy,milk,yogurt,.

  5. Eli ( Elida )

    Fruit /
    1. Apples /
    Vegetables /
    2.carrots /
    Grains /
    Protein /
    4. Pork Chops /

    Dairy /
    5. Milk/
    Maybe I did it wrong? 🙁

  6. Jason KiIler ( Junior B)

    Some of the basic food groups are fruits,vegetables,grains,protein,and Dairy, for example out of all of “MY PLATE” is Vegetables because their one of the most famous because they have more protein.

  7. Lav3nd3r (Kevin)

    The groups are: Protein, Grains, Vegetables, and Dairy.
    Meat would go in protein.
    Bread would go in grains?
    Carrots in vegetables.
    Milk, yogurt, and cheese go in Dairy.

  8. Eli

    Fruits:: Apples, Grapes, Pairs
    Vegetables:: Carrots, Lettuces, Potatoes
    Grains:: Almonds, Bread, Cereal
    Proteins:: Meat, Eggs, Fish
    Dairy:: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt

  9. monica

    vegtables are good for your body and when you eat a carrot ,strawberry,pear and all those heathy stuff make you heathy.

  10. Devon

    The five groups are Dairy,fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains. Milk is from the dairy. Strawberries are from the group. Carrots are from the vegetables.Chicken is from the protein group.Cereal is from the grains

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