14 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Donny aka Galexycraft

    They were suposed to use them to fight the white witch and guards and to
    defend them selves that things that would attack them or hurt them like
    unknown things that are not on earth.

  2. Eduardo

    Lucy and Susan were suppost to use their gift when they had to really use their gift.Lucy was suppost to use her postion when someone is hurt.she was going to use the dagger to defend them selves.Susan was to use her bow to also defend herself or to help.That is when I think the have to use their gifts.

  3. Monica Mendoza

    lucy and susan got thier gifts because they were going to get proctected by the white witch and the man that gave those gifts was when lucy got the gift it was to get one or two drops will kill anyone for that and susan got those arrows to shoot and it was powerful and those were weapons

  4. LeeAustin

    Lucy and Susan were suppose to use there gifts only in emergenceys but not in war because Father Christmas said they were woman and woman were not suppose to fight in war also i infer that they were not built to fight in war they were built to protect and keep away the bad from the good .

  5. Daniel

    Lucy and Susan were supposed to used there gifts when the white witch came. Because so Lucy and Susan to destrey the white witch. so Mr. christmas can be happy.

  6. Death ( Junior B )

    Lucy and Susan Were supposed to use their gifts When they gifts when they need it like if their doomed Susan has her horn to call for help that are near or far away and Lucy has her diamond bottle to heal the people that are about to go (who are about to die ).

  7. xXLav3nd3r is DeadXx (Kevin)

    Lucy and Susan were supposed to you they’re gifts, Only when they really needed to use them. Lucy was supposed to use the dagger for defense.
    And Susan was supposed to use her bow in great need, And the horn when she needed help from Father Christmas.

  8. eric

    Lucy and Susan where supposed give but there were a war she save kids and gown ups and she call for help susan call help because some thing hit lucy lucy give susan a dimond bottle to heal people.

  9. The Halloween King (JR)

    Lucy and Susan Was only supposed to use their gifts only for emergencies like if their in trouble. Father Christmas sad to Susan you may only use your horn if you’er in trouble and once you do people close or far away and for Lucy you will have a dagger and a bottle made out of diamond and if someone is close dying one little drop can bring that person back to life.

  10. (Junior B)A.K.A Death King OR KING Of The Dead

    When Father Christmas told Susan and Lucy to use their gifts at the right
    time like if someone or something is in trouble Santa Claus A.K.A Father Christmas gave Susan A Bow and Arrow And A horn Not just any ordinary horn,this horn can call any people near by or far away.For Lucy gets a Dagger and A Bottle Made out of Diamonds.

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