13 thoughts on “Nutrition Journal

  1. marissa :) :(

    there is fake sugar in diet soda or other things to drink. that is how they make soda that is how they make some soda other kind of drinkes .it was pretty amazing to hear that it was fake sugar.i was so amazed by that i was like wow that was amazing. super super amazing.wow wow wow thank you ms. penrose for every thing that was so fun. i will always remember that tripe thank you for every thing .

  2. Eduardo

    The kind of suger you should have in your dite ids fake suger.Regular suger has some bad stuff.Fake suger has gone thru things to take the bad stuff out of it.

  3. LeeAustin

    The role you should have in your diet is no sugar and never drink beer and diet is fake sugar so when you go to the store you should get the drinks without the word diet on it because it will taste like sugar but its just cemicals that make it sweet and the role sugar should be small and keep it healthy.

  4. Monica Mendoza

    sugar could make you crazy.but your body doesnt want that much sugur ,if you eat sugar and a 4 cup sugar your teeth also could get sugar bugs and If you eat sugar make sure you brush your teeth some people say that sugar has a lot of fat in it and diet is fake sugar.And,another one that said the role sugar should have a very small role so you can keep your body healthy or something.;)

  5. Nightmare ;) ;) ;) (Junior B)

    The role of sugar you should have is a very small role so you can keep the your body in the same way that you want your diet to be healthy so you could play,jump,and do all the things you could think of But most importantly is just keeping your body healthy.

  6. kaitlyn

    their are a lot of things my mom has told me that sugar is bad for you and that ,is will make you crazy ,you can die like that,and it is not good for you.

  7. mspenrose (Post author)

    katelyn please add more sentences but half of what you said is inappropriate for school.

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