October 26

The /long E/ sound

How is the Long E sound spelled in the following words:

1. steep
2. reduce
3. needle
4. reindeer
5. freeze
6. repeat

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15 thoughts on “The /long E/ sound

  1. Isaiah Lucas Craig team power ranger

    steep: the E sound of steep is spelled S T E see u saw that the e sound can be spelled like that but do not copy that:)

  2. isaac

    The water was so steep that my feet was so hot it made a mark on my foot.I reduce my homework and when it was the test I passed becuse I reduce my work.when I had a splinter in my hand my mom got the needle and she pit it though my skin and it hurted so bad that I was all most cryed.I saw a reindeer at the lake and it was real I was with my dad and he took me and my brothers to see one.the water was freezing that I had to change the water to hot.I ask my mom to repeat math with me because I didn’t know how to do it.

  3. LeeAustin

    Steep is spelled ee
    Reduce is spelled e
    Needle is spelled ee
    Reindeer is spelled ee
    Freeze is spelled ee
    Repeat is spelled ea

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