23 thoughts on “Rainy Day Post

  1. daniel

    My favorite raniy day activity is is reading. I like reading because it is good practice for test and other things. Also it icreses my fluency.

  2. shephali

    My favorite rainy day activity is watching movies in bed.As long as there is wifi I would never get out of bed in less I have to go to the bathroom.Food and juice are a must or I will so freck out.I would watch jurassic world or pixels or mabye both.

  3. Junior B

    My favorite activity on rainy days are playing video games and watching youtube or just go outside and play with the water and play with my friends.

  4. Amanda (: (:

    My favorite rain activity is playing with my dad because he dose not work on rainy days. We play board games and he takes me to eat food and it is really good the food smells good. That is my favorite activity because I am with my dad and my little sister. We play lots of more games but there are to many these are only a litte bit.

  5. Eduardo

    My favorite rainy day activity is watching a movie.It is my favotite because you can relaxe.You also can talk to your friends.Sometimes you get to go around the classroom.You can also do other things to.That is my favorite thing to do on a rainy day.

  6. Lav3nd3r (Kevin)

    My favorite rainy day activity is staying inside and playing MMOs and MMORPGs or just playing single player videogames.

  7. Galexycraft aka Donny

    I don’t like rainy days because I get sick no matter what I do in the rain so I just like to play video games and I just play random games like hide and seek and watch t.v. The end.

  8. ericka.Z

    My favorite rainy day activity is when I pretend there is a tornado and I hid in my little camp.Also when it is stormy out side and there is thunder and lightning I go out side and I wait to see the lightning and here the thunder.On a rainy me and my sisters love stepping in puddles and jumping in them.This might sound weird but when ever it is a rainy day like it is sprinkling I would play with my sisters barbies.That is what I would do on a rainy day. (:

  9. Eric

    my favorite day is rainy days because so i can play video games and watch movies and play games like football and tell your friend go see you. (:

  10. myles

    My favorite activity on a rainy day is going out side and playing in the water. My second favorite activity is sometimes staying inside and play video games. That’s pretty much all i do on rainy day’s.

  11. Monica Mendoza

    My favorite thing to do when it is raining is Id rather play in the water and play in puddles.playing out side is fun to do other people do not like playing in the puddles or play out side to get wet.other people say that when you go outside you can get sick i now that and it is true.people like staying inside so the can watch t.v.

  12. Isaac Lucas

    Staying in and playing games Inside,It’s fun Looking outside when it raining it nice looking out there.in plus if you stay inside you can have fun inside.you can have hot Coffey in the house it good drinking it it Delesy and it have Mashmallows in the hot Coffey. maybe it so fun on rainy days it so fun!!!

  13. Monster man (Junior)

    The things I like to do on rainy days are mostly playing Video Games and watching scary or funny movies,but most likely I go out and play in the rain or walk to my friends place and play video games and talk about other stuff like sports,video games,cool people,and watch movies.

  14. Haylie

    My favorite rainy day activity is going out side with my dog and getting wet and inside eating and play mincraft it is really fun you can get pets to I have a dog,cat,cow,and chickens 0 0

  15. Ivan

    My favorite rainy day activity is reading. I like reading because it help my fluency and it is fun to do at home.

  16. LeeAustin2150

    My favorite rainy day is reading or playing video games also watching movies like inside out or Man of steel in my room or in the living room with my family or friends when they come over to my and we bring in the dogs so we sometimes play with the dogs or the puppies they had over the last three months.

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