July 23


If you weren’t allowed to watch television , what would you do?

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  1. KevinDaKevin

    If I were not allowed to watch T.V I would read a manga or play outside with my dog.

  2. Tanisha

    If I weren’t allowed to watch television I would read a book. I would read a book because I like books a lot. Also some movies could be in a book. I also think that books have more interesting stuff than television.

  3. Damen Ramos

    If I wasn’t able to watch TV I would just do some fun activities. I would play basketball or I would draw a picture of my favorite characters. I would ask if my brother will play horse with me or start a journal on a notepad.

  4. Amanda

    If I was not allowed to watch television I would play outside and have fun or I would read a book. That Is what I would do if I was not able to watch television.

  5. Donny

    I wouldnt do anything because i dont watch t.v i do other things i would make my own telavision you just need some parts and tools

  6. Myles

    If i couldnt watch television i would just go outside and ride bike or play with my cousin.

  7. kaitlyn

    If my mom did not let me watch television because I did not do my homework that Mrs.Penrose gave me then I will do my homework fast and then when my mom puts her name on my homework then she will let me do watch television.

  8. marissa reyes

    if i would not get to whach tv i will go to ms penroses’ class then tell her if she needs’ some help if she says yes then i will work on that all the way when all my time is finish and that is what i will do.

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