17 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Brianna

    If I could meet an main character from the story it would be Dove Cameron/Raven Queen because she inspires me to be myself.

  2. KevinDaKevin

    One person I would want to meet is Yui because she is an immortal object and I could always protect myself. lol

  3. alim

    It’s a very hard question I’d have to say I want to be myself I don’t want to be like anyone else.

  4. Ivan

    If I meet the main character form a story I would get his name on the book and keep it for ever.

  5. Daniel

    I would want to meet Greg from dairy of a wimpy kid. I want to meet him because he always gets in trouble that he does not do.

  6. dae

    I would pick to meet mic missle from cars 3 or 2. the reason why I pick him is because he is very cool and he has a lot of weaponry and he can spy up on you because he is a spy. He is very courages and will take risks to get intel or destroy people.

  7. Ethan

    If I could meet any main charactor it would be Bruce Banner from “Hulk” because I realy want to know how he turns into the hulk intentionally.

  8. Donny

    I would wanna meet ummmmm captain underpants so i can go on all adventures it would be so fun and i can were a cape and use super hero wepons but i dont think i can be trusted with wepons

  9. Tanisha

    Any character from a story will be Geronimo Stilton. I would choose Geronimo Stilton because he goes to lot’s of places.

  10. dylan

    If could meet any character from a story it would be Thomas from the maze runner because he was the one who help the other people find the exit from the maze

  11. leilani

    If i could meet a a person from the movies it would be Dwayne Johnson. He so awesome. If i could meet the rest of Fast In Furious movies one threw seven characters. It would be a one and only dream come true. Out of many wishes. I would probably faint. My auntie would go crazy. She says that she has talked with him before on facebook. I wish i could. My grandma would to lol. Who would you want to meet???

  12. Amanda

    I Would like to meet Dr.Suss and cat in the hat because this books are funny interesting and he made very good character’s that is a character I would like to meet Which is Cat in the hat.

  13. Ericka

    i would pick repunzle bc she is really pretty and she has a cute pet. repunzle lives in a big palace and is a princess. that is why i would pick repunzle.

  14. haylie

    If there was a character that i wanted to meet in a story it would be Geronimo Stilton because he is the mane character and also he is always on a hunt to find stuff that is who i want to meet.

  15. Monica Mendoza

    What I want to meet from a book/story is the cat in the hat characters,I picked this character because when i had read it I liked the story. the person who wrote it was a author,the author put dr.sues, I also had watched the Movie.it was intresting.the characters were a girl named sally she also had a brother named rally and the cat in the hat this is the story that i liked it.the movie was also funny i hoped you liked my story.

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