July 27


Using evidence from the story “Class President” support this statement: ” Julio is a leader”

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  1. fman122 aka Kevin

    According to the text Julio won the election so I guess that makes him a leader and also he is confident and has the characteristics of a leader and stuff well.. I guess maybe I don’t know.. So yeah. :p

  2. brianna

    Julio is leader because he helped get soccer back and he is trustworthy when he told the truth about who got soccer back and did not bribe the class to vote for his friend Lucas who was running for class president just like Cricket. But he is helpful, kind, and trustworthy.

  3. Tanisha

    Julio is a leader because he was helpful. Julio was helpful because he helped out Arthur. Julio was confident. Julio was confident because he talked to the principle.

  4. ericka.z

    i think Julio is a leader because he is smart and he is always nice to everyone and he doesn’t cheat like cricket giving out chocolates to everyone so they can vote for her Julio would never do that and that is why ppl would vote for Julio and he just wanted his soccer back and i think that he got soccer back so ya that is what i think Julio should be class president.

  5. Dae Dae

    Julio is a leader because Julio spoke up to the principal when nobody else was talking and Julio got soccer back. Also Julio said that everybody should vote on how to spend the money from the bake sale not just what the teacher wants and Cricket.

  6. dylan

    Julio is a good leader because in class president he was the one who got soccer back and he does not stuff to people to get votes.

  7. kaitlyn

    julio thought that the class should vote on the way the money was spent.And that is why the class thought julio should be the class leader.

  8. Amanda

    Julio said that he would be a good leader if he would have ran for class president. Julio did run for class but that is when he said he would have not ran for president.

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