1. Landyn your movie was great. If someone needs help to play basketball they can get it from you. I cant wait to see your next movie.

  2. Your movie is great but at the end you cut gracila out when she was speaking.overall it was a good movie

  3. Landyn your movie was very interesting. One thing you should fix is when you cut off your actor’s voice off. Your movie was still great to watch.

  4. Good Movie Landyn. I think the steps where pretty clear. The movie can help anyone who doesn’t know how to play like me. Good Job.

  5. This is great Landyn. I really liked it when you put Graciela shooting the ball and showing the ball going into the hoop. Now people can learn how to play basketball.

  6. I love the topic . I noticed that it was a little choppy . I loved how Zoe and Mairyn made the shot , I also noticed how clear it was great job.

  7. Landyn your movie was so good i liked the part your title was at the middle and good work with your movie

  8. Great movie Landyn. I didn’t saw Mairyn shoot a basket with a basketball. But nice movie.

  9. I like the way it showed the ball going in the basketball hoop. Overall it was a great movie.

  10. There is somebody say “ah” when one of the scene was about to end. It was also a good movie.

  11. Landyn, you have a great movie. You cut out Miaryn’s voice. It was a great movie.

  12. Landyn you did a great work in your movie and I like your title in the middle of your movie.

  13. I really like how you taught me how to play offense on basketball but I noticed that you cut someone off. Anyway good luck on your other movies.

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