1. Jennie your movie is great. But you have to list the actors names. Your movie was still great. I cant wait to see your next movie.

  2. You did great. I think the movie editing is a little jumpy. I can’t wait till your next movie comes out.

  3. Jennie your movie can help other girls who want,s there hair like that and keep up the good work

  4. This is a great movie Jennie. Maybe you should make the pace a bit slower. I also liked it when you made your movie like a TV show.

  5. Jennie your movie was GREAT! I like the part where Metztli comes in and in the background there was clapping. I think the steps where clear. Good Job!

  6. I liked how you made it like Metztli was a geast on a show. Overall it was a great movie.

  7. Awsome job Jennie. You could have yousd a mick not a white board earser. But stills helps other people and me how to do a bun

  8. I love the topic. I noticed that you did not write the actors name. I also noticed that it was like a tv show .Keep up the awesome work Jennie.

  9. Jenny your movie was very interesting. One thing I think it is funny is because it was like an live show with an host and guess.

  10. I actually learned how to make a lazy hair bun! You added music at all the right times.

  11. It was funny when Metzli was walking through the door. I don’t even know what a lazy hair bun.

  12. I like Graciela being the host. The hand came out of nowhere with the rubber band but you could have gave it to Alexie. But great movie.

  13. I like how you made it like a game show. with this much creativity I think you might be able to make another great movie.

  14. I really like how you made the movie a game show. One thing you can improve on is the credits because you didn’t put the actor’s name in there. No matter what I like your movie.

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