1. I really loved your movie. I also think is was a little bit slow when you guys were speaking. I also really liked how you picked a very serious topic can’t wait to see your next movie keep up the great work.

  2. I like how it was shot. It was a little choppy. But all around it was great.

  3. I like how it was clear. I think there was a little bit of pausing. It was a good movie.

  4. I liked the movie Makezja. There was some hesatation. But your movie was a great start.

  5. It was a little dark and the pacing was slow. But other wise it was relly good

  6. I like your movie Mikezja. I think it is really interesting. One thing you could fix is the slowness and pacing. Although you need things to fix your movie is still good.

  7. I really like the effects you put in the movie, but the actors to stop hesitating a lot. Also, the movie was great.

  8. I really like your movie. you heasited a little. but i liked your 3D tittle.

  9. Great movie Mikezja. I like the part where the tittle moves at the end. But good job Mikezja it was a good movie.

  10. I liked the effects you added to it. The acting was kinda slow and hesitant, but overall your movie was okay. I cant wait to see your next film!

  11. Mikezja I really liked your movie. Your a good actor. The close ups are really great. Cant wait to see your other movies.

  12. Mikezja I really liked what you did with the title at the end. Also you did a really good job acting. I can’t wait to see your next movie.

  13. I think your movie mikezja i like the acting it was great they have more acting and good work on movies and keep doing more and keep up the nice work

  14. I know you’re movie will prevent bullying and help kids. you should make more movies that prevent bad things. the movie wasn’t smooth but over all it was great.

  15. Mikeja, since I watch your movie I know how to prevent bulling. You should have cut the part where your actors were laughing. Beside great movie.

  16. You put a really good song when the Movie start. And you showed the steps of what to do when people bully you. And you did a really good job and keep the good work an make more movies!!!!!!!!.

  17. I think that the movie was good. I think the acting could be better. But overall the movie is good.

  18. This is awesome ladies! I love the topic that you have decided to do your movie on. Very impressive!

  19. the movie was great I know you’re movie will stop bullying and help kids.
    You should make more movies that help prevent things. The movie had a little pausing but over all it was great.

  20. This is a great movie of how to stop bullies Mikezja! Maybe you should make the pace a little faster. I really loved the steps of how to stop bullies too.

  21. It was really fun ! I wanted to inspire children younger than us to stand up and rise against the people that have hurt you. I want to make David Reese Elementary School a happy bully free school . I HAVE BEEN BULLIED I DID NOT WANT TO DO A DOCUMENTARY BUT I HAVE INSPIRED A PERSONS LIFE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. So all together LETS STOP BULLYING.

  22. I love why you picked a good topic that mostly everyone can agree with you where stumbling a little and talked slow you showed why most people bully otters overall it was a good topic

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