1. summer
    water park are fun
    eating ice cream make me cold
    we like going swimming at my house
    outside with my freind
    having fun at the picnic
    we love going swimming.

  2. Swimming In The Cold.
    Grabbing Fish In The Ocean.
    Cute Penguins Swimming.

  3. Going to the beach
    Playing at the beach with friends
    Jelly fish stinging

    Riding bikes with friends
    Falling down off of the bike
    Riding my bike home

  4. Playing in the Park.
    Riding On the swings with Friends.
    A Drink Of Water.

  5. Swimming with icecream
    Play outside with friends and picnic
    Singing outside now

  6. At the state fair friends
    Went to the water park
    Went to get icecream

  7. In the summer I going
    swimming and have fun.

    I’m going to six flag
    and ride on the
    roller coaster.

  8. six flags great fun times
    fast hard fun with crazy rides
    great fun at this park

  9. Swimming in the pool.
    Summertime is fun with friends.
    Chocolate ice cream.

  10. Yellow Leaves Fall Off
    Time For New Leaves To Come By
    The Season Of Fall

  11. A beutiful summer and birds are chirping in my ears and also camping too . I love going out and exploring the wilderness and going to see nature.

  12. Leaves falling from tree
    Brand new green leaves are growing
    The leaves are growing

  13. swimming with ice cream
    play outside with frenids and picnic
    singing outside mow

  14. water parks are fun
    eating ice cream makes me cool
    I love swimming pools

  15. My fingerprint like dre beats
    Like whir pool
    Like bottom of a ps3
    Like top of my xbox360
    Rocky mountain
    A frozen glaciers
    No just my fingerprint

  16. Outside with my friends
    Having fun picnics at parks
    My dog likes to play

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