1. My fingerprint, like a tumbleweed rolling through the desert
    Like the center of a tornado
    Like a bubble floating upward to the sky
    Like a swirl of a toliet flushing
    Waves crashing against a shore
    A surface full of deep and wide canyons

  2. My Fingerprint, like a swirl
    Like a pink rose
    Like crashing waves
    Like River waves
    Full of Scribles
    Tornado Twister going CRAZY
    No it’s just my Fingerprint

  3. My Finger Is Like a stream of water.
    Like a Tornado.
    Like the middle of a dart board.
    Like Falling water down a waterfall.
    Full Of Water Like a Stream of water.
    Just Like Puffy Clouds.
    No, It’s Just My Fingerprint

  4. my fingerprint like a maze twisting and turning
    like the tolet swirl
    like a bull red eye
    like a tornado twristing
    full like a water dripping
    cayons deep and wide to across
    like a pool moving
    no it just my fingerprint.

  5. It is important to play basketball because. We can exercise. saw we can stay half. Just for fun. Saw we can have sam thing to do. Saw we can be active and safe. Saw we can have lats of fan. It is in important to play.

  6. My fingerprint like a wrinkle grandma
    Like my baby sister fingerprint
    Like the conceat that hard and strong
    Full of lines and no swirls
    Cold like the north pole
    No, it just my fingerprint

  7. My finger is like cotton machin
    Like a tornado swail
    Like a tornado rose
    Like swirl cotton candy machin
    A toilit flushing and a tornado
    A mountains in Navda
    A canyon deep in my finger
    No its just my finger

  8. My fingerprints,like a twisty ride.
    Like spinning and turning.
    Like a hipnatizing man’s eye.
    Like a flush in the toilet.
    Full of scribble lines.
    Like a whirl pool.
    No,it’s just my finger print!

  9. My finger, like a beautiful rose.
    Like a whirl pool.
    Like a zebra print.
    Like line on paper.
    Full of tumble water.
    Wide of deep water.
    No, it’s my fingerprint.

  10. My fingerprint looks like a paper clip.
    My fingerprint looks like a swirl.
    My fingerprint looks like a tornado swirl.
    My fingerprint looks like the ocean waves crashing.
    My fingerprint looks like the sun twirling.
    Stars in the sky.
    Rocky mountains.
    No its just my fingerprint!

  11. My fingerprint looks like a lollipop
    Like the big tornado
    Like the fun slide
    Like the wrapped hose
    Full of so many lines like the strong waves
    No its just my fingerprint!

  12. My fingerprint, like a cotton candy machine
    Like a tumbleweed in the desert
    Like a shell of a crab
    Like a whirlpool in the middle of the ocean
    A hypnotizing swirl putting a person in a trance
    Looking into the eye of a tornado
    No, it’s just my fingerprint

  13. My fingerprint, like a tumbleweeding swaying across the dessert.
    Like a whirlpool in the ocean.
    Like a bouquet of roses.
    Like a hypnotizing swirl.
    A tornado destroying a town.
    A little kid’s scribble.
    No! It’s just my fingerprint.

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