1. Nicole I like your movie because it was funny. Nicole in your movie Josh was very funny with the accent. I would suggest that you shouldn’t talk so fast.

  2. I liked the close- ups you used during your movie. I liked the way Josh was talking in a weird accent. You could have added music in the part where you and Josh were playing.

  3.     Ncce shots the was a nice variety. It’s funny because the way he talked. It was kind of too short you could of made it longer.

  4. Nicole, you could add some music to your action shots & to your credits. Your actors were great and I liked your movie.

  5. I like the close-ups. I have one suggestion, make the end credits a little shorter.

  6. There are many good things about this movie. One of them is that the close ups were great and the acting was perfect. One thing i would suggest is that you should put in some dramatic music so people would get more drawn into this movie.

  7. Nicole you movie was funny I liked the close ups when you and Josh were playing. You could of added music on the parts when you and Josh were taking your turns.

  8. Nicole I liked your movie. I liked how you had close ups when you or josh would mark the X or the O. You should had added some music on the action parts. I also liked the Josh’s accent.

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