1. Jasmin I liked all the different shots you made during the movie. I thought it was funny when you did the close-ups on Justin and Joshua. There was a shot where it only showed your back that you could improve.

  2. I think the movie was funny because Josh added some fun to it. Also, the actors were really good at acting. One thing I would suggest is that in some parts, you should have music in it so it can be more dramatic. But so so far, it was the best action movie I ever saw. Keep up the good work!

  3. Jasmin what happened to Dillion when Joshua appeared? One thing I like about your movie is that you have great multiple shots. I suggest that you should add music to the part where Joshua was going to kick.
    Anyways your movie was a great movie.

    • Dillon can’t play soccer and he paid Josh to play for him, so he wouldn’t lose.

  4. Great movie.You had a variety of shots and great actors.I think Me,Dillion, and Josh did a pretty good job.I think you should have put music on the action scene though.

  5.      Jasmin, how did you come up with the eye of a tiger and a beast? It was funny. You’re actors did a great job on acting. But in the first scene you yelled.

  6. I like that it has a lot of different shots. I also like that it is funny. I have one suggestion the tittle can be longer.

  7. Jasmin,
        You’re movie was great. You were very clever when you had Justin say he had “the eye of the tiger” and when josh said he’s “the beast”. I like your shots. In every seen you had the camera staged perfectly. You did a great job! One thing I could say is the action seens seemed, not to be rude, but a bit boring. You could have added music to them to show how intense the action is.


  8. Jasmin, I really like your movie. I liked the shots you have in your movie, I think it made it more interesting. I especially like the funny parts!, but I think you could have put more music into some of the scenes.

  9. Jasmin your movie was great. I liked your vairetyof shots except youcould of added music to make it more exciting.

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