1. I could hardly hear Aleser, he sounded soft. I liked the editing, credits, and music.

  2. The only thing you guys need to do is to talk louder, but the rest of the movie was great.

  3. The music choice was nice. It seemed like Aleser was reading his line on one scene. The camera shots were good.

  4. I think both of you should have talked a little bit louder. The edditing aws great.

  5. I really didn’t hear what either of you said because you were whispering. I like the shots and the editing was very nice.

  6. I couldn’t hear what Adrian and Aleser said so you guys need to speak louder. The camera shots were good.

  7. On a shot, the camera was a bit shaking. But also their was great shots. It was a well edited movie.

  8. I thought it was good but Aleser could speak a little louder. I liked how they got good close-ups of the homework blog.

  9. I could hardly hear you guys speak.:( Its good to show our parents how our blog works.:)

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