1. I didn’t understand why you put the cricket noises. I liked the music. It was really nice how you explained the lunchroom rules. I laughed when the 2 boys were fighting.

  2. The movie was completly funny through the entire movie. From the flying carrots to the credits. BUT [I’m like a food critic aren’t I?] “Grab your tray and get your” DOES NOT sound right at all!

  3. I like the part when they were cat fighting and when someone threw a carrot at greg.

  4. You could have film other shots for the movie instead of just close-ups. The sound effect for the flying carrots were good.

  5. I think that the acting was great. You could have talked a little bit louder in the begining.

  6. Ha ha ha. I liked the ‘Boing’ noise when you threw the carrots at Greg. How come 0+–+0 is in your credits. I thought this movie was funny. Especially when the two boys were fighting.

  7. The movie was educational and funny at the same time.:) Johnny you paused at the middle of your line you could of edited it.:(

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