• Yeah! about that we couldn’t get Mr.Karl to make them get quiet.SORRY!

  1. I thought you had good expression.BUT, I couldn’t hear a word you said between the kids and well, basiclly just the kids.

  2. I liked the music it was really good. I liked editing it was thoughout very well.

  3. This movie was not very well eddited. There were many gaps in the middle pf the movie. When you two where telling the rules the director moved it too fast. Also the person who was reading the rules didn’t read smooth. Other than that great
    ~ Lucy

  4. I couldn’t hear the rules of the computer lab you were speaking to low.

  5. The movie was a little choppy.:( This movie is great to show 1st graders learn what to do in computer lab.:)

  6. The kids sounded like maniacs!I like the music and shots.This movie was well put together.

  7. I like how you show what you can do at the computer lab. When Johnny was reading the computer lab rule the director panned the camera too early.

  8. The movie was great. It had good music. But at the end a name was spelled wrong. But other than that the movie was good.

  9. I liked how you showed the games.When you were reading the rules it got cut off and the kids wereto noisy. You talked loud and had good expression.

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