1. It was very creative. One part was a little weird when they bowed and someone through a scarf in. One part I heard Melissa say “cut.” Other than that it was great.

  2. I liked how you put the music on and dance at the same time. You timed it really well. At the beginning, you and Lucy came into the shot a little early.

  3. Get Active!
    ” What have you been playing this whole time!” Said Kat
    ” My Mario Kart” Said Meli
    ” Why can’t you just play something active!” Replies Kat
    ( Sarina And Lucy Enter)
    ( We all sing Queen Activite)
    ” Word And Respect…. To Your Body!” We all say
    ( We bow)
    ” You should be active.” Said Lucy
    ” You can play an hour a day” Said Sarina
    ” Yeah I’m gonna put this away” Replies Meli
    ( Meli puts it away)
    ” Thanks!” Said Kat and Meli

  4. I didn’t like when Melissa said that she was playing her video games because it was too long.
    The dance and acting was good.

    • I wanted it long so it would be like Melissa was focusing only on her game.

  5. It was very funny. I liked the dance,especially the “respect your body ” part. It was good and there were no mistakes.

  6. That was a great movie and it mad me laugh. Mellisa was little late on step.

  7. It is a great way to show all young kids to be active. I liked the editing and the music I really liked it. It is a great way to show that you are active!


    • Origanally, it was just me and Kat singing, but then you begged me. I’m a giving person.

  8. I liked how you guys were singing about getting healthy. You guys did a great job on it. The moves were awesome.

    • I thought they were a little goofy. Ah, at least we got it on camara. Ha Ha Ha!

  9. You could have had melissa respond a little quicker but it was very creative.

    • That’s embarrasing! Just kidding, I wanted it that way so it looks like she is focused on the game. :$

  10. Im Kobe from Tsukamoto Elem. and I say a really good video to get active it will really help your body.

  11. I really like your exercise movie. You really are right. You should always exercise a hour a day or more if you want.

  12. I love the movie about getting more active im even getting more active and trying to play an hour a day. thanks!!!!!

  13. What fun! I wasn’t expecting the music to come in but that was the best part! I thought the performances were really good.

    On your next project you might experiment with using “cut-aways.” This is when you shoot something else in addition to your actors (for example, a close-up on the jump-rope or the Nintendo DS) that you can “cut away” to in between shots. This would avoid the part where the screen seems to jump when you show the dancers twice in a row after their song.

    Great work. I’ll try to give up my Mario Kart addiction and go for a walk today.

  14. You guys were great. I wonder if your guys are going to make anymore movies. I wonder what its going to be about?


  15. You guys did great I liked the why you guys ryhme I can’t even ryhme like that.

    I loved the video

  16. I’m Sarina’s Mom and I am so proud of her! She has done such a good job this year! She comes home and continues to work on her movies plus homework and house work. You all did a great job on this film! =)
    Sarina Baby, Mommy loves you and is so proud of you!!! =)

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