1. I liked the movie ,but I didn’t get why it was opposite day. I liked the editing and the music.

  2. It was very interesting and funny. I liked Sarina and Lucy’s attidude. She could have had different camera shots.

    • The attitude really wasn’t suppose to happen Sarina really did have an attitude.

  3. I didn’t like when the camera was moving.
    The acting from evreyone was good.

  4. Your movie was pretty competitive. When you were running, there was some noise so it was pretty noisy in that scene.

  5. That was a great movie. Lucy did you trim some of the stuff we filmed?

  6. It was great and funny I liked the part when Sarina coughed not.And really I can’t find any mistake.

  7. I liked how you chose the topic. Opposite Day was a great idea. I liked the part when Sarina said “Shhh,nothing.”

    • My friend thought it was funny too.
      She is also the one who gave me the idea for the topic.

    • It wasn’t really opposite day Kyle
      I don’t even think that day is real.

  8. In the spirit of opposite day…this movie was terrible.

    OK, opposite day is over now. I really enjoyed your movie. You did a particularly good job of editing dialogue. You didn’t linger too long on any character in between speaking and yet you allowed a few moments of space sometimes between talking. You have a good sense of pacing dialogue.

  9. Wow I really liked “Oppsite Day” that was mean how they didn’t tell her but at the end of the day it turned out that she was really nice to her and tell it to her nicely

  10. Nice movie Lucy why didn’t you tell me your class made movies.
    ~ Diego T.

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