11 thoughts on “Journal

  1. LeeAustin

    The cloud and the wind might talk about how the wind keeps pushing the cloud to far from where it wants to be.

  2. v(T.T)v (v(o.o)v (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~) o(o.o)o) -(TOT)-

    Cloud says,” Wanna go mess with people?! I will rain!” Wind says,” Okay! I’ll blow!” They messed evrthing up. Especially flooded streets.

  3. Leilani G

    The wind and the clouds might talk about making a storm. The clouds will make it rain.While the wind moves the trees and blows things away.

  4. Amanda

    I think that clouds and winds talk about the day they want it to rain and why. I think they like to mess everything up and just be mean and like to blow away thing and make everything wet.

  5. ericka^_^

    The cloud would say wanna go do storms in California and call it “El nino” wind says “sure!”. And so cloud and wind destroyed California with an amazing storm with a lot of water.That is what I would think what clouds and wind are talking about

  6. Tanisha

    I think that the wind and clouds could talk about rain or a storm, because most of the time when there is wind and there is a lot of clouds there is normally rain.

  7. Eric G (^.^)

    The wind and clouds might talk aboat the snow and the storm because the make everything and everything flying trees around

  8. Eduardo

    The wind and the clouds might talk about on what the weather is going to be.They might even talk about storming a country they don’t like.They might have even plan on working together to help sometimes. For example like california with rain.

  9. Myles

    The cloud and wind might talk about, should they have a crazy storm or not have a crazy storm or should they have a good day.

  10. Donny

    They might talk about the wind to stop blowing the cloud and the wind says it can’t because it is his job and he can’t stop
    and the wind and the cloud made a plan that the wind blows the cloud and the cloud rain’s.

  11. isaac lucas

    they might be talking about the rain and the Temperature it is and it will be hot on the day. also a snow day and thats what the cloud and wind are talking about.

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