6 thoughts on “Journal

  1. LeeAustin

    My life as a pencil is me being used everyday and going on a trip to summer school and science camp/school.

  2. (-._-.) ~(oOo)~ Kennethy -(^.^)>) ~(o.o)~)

    I’m made out of lead, wood, and some eraser thingy. I don’t wanna be a pencil anymore! DX I break, I get cut, I get smaller, and I get thrown away ;-;

  3. Donny

    It would probably be somebody inspecting the pencil and just swinging it around like it is a unusual from tf2 and it will just be a cool effect on it.

  4. leilani lol

    “The Blues”My life as pencil.It is so weird.Writing on boring paper.Having to write on boring math papers.I said help help. Killing my wood.Breaking my led. ahhhhh.

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