February 29


I want you to create you own holiday. Create a date, reasons, and traditions.

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  1. KevinIsStillAlive

    Holiday Name: Make Your Own Holiday Day

    Date; February 29, 2016

    Reason: All 7.25 billion people in the world will get to make a holiday!

    Tradition: All traditions

  2. isaac lucas

    my own holiday is isaac Lucas day and i can give kids and famliys comic books so that they can read it. the date will be April 5 to give kids it. my reasons is some kids like to read and it wil be a good comic book for them.

  3. Donny

    If i created a holiday i would makes it to day of epic every thing you would want you would get for free and you get to do anything in the world so that’s why i would make day of epic.

  4. ~(^.^)~ v(T.T)v Kennethy ~(o.o)~) c(o.o c)

    My holiday will be Game Day 😀 There’ll be a game that people have to challenge each other on. Whoever wins gets a prize! (The prize changes every year) It’ll be every March 7th. 😀 This was my best idea (._.)

  5. Quynh

    is Tet holiday , we may play card , play bingo game ,… In a day , at night 12:00 o’clock we go to a place and wait to the fireworks , then go to your uncles , aunts ,… to have your money or presents . In every place they all have people who sit on their chair and wait for another people come to play their games , in a long time , they may have people , people put they money in a paper to play , and if you lose you lost your money , and if you win , you can have double your money

  6. Alim

    go home day,we stay home and open gifts that Jackie Chan left us because he sneaked in are houses with his ninja skills and a bag of gifts for us and no school.It’s just the best day,it’s in the month of June because June sucks so Jackie Chan made it a better month. Someone respond to this comment. it’s so real.

  7. leilani

    If i had my own holiday it would be called giving day. This special holiday would be about giving to people. It will be like a charity. You would be nice enough to give things like shoe’s,clothes,or even food. You can give your shoes to kids without shoe’s or give someone a pair of shoes for the kindness.Clothes to people or kids to homeless or people that have worn that same outfit and food to the poor. This is the reason for this special holiday.

  8. Amanda

    A holiday that I would create would be was candy day because it would be candy things candy trees and candy for dinner. That is a holiday that I would create.

  9. Raina Singh

    my holiday i create is eathavsd. eathavsd is to salbe are bealful eath. wotout eath we weold be here today we be in a befut peal not get the eartkeas we u can ear beal a school becasr of the loveur andse. the date is aytwvs 8.

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