9 thoughts on “JOurnal

  1. LeeAustin

    I think no character of Dr.Suess is like me because I like to play video games none of the Dr.Suess character like to play video games all day.

  2. Isaiah Lucas

    well I will say that big cat that is named Dr.Seuss because he does crazy stuff that I like I want him to do more magic because that is the only person that is like me smiles.:)

  3. Monica Mendoza ;)

    I think the character from dr.suess is sally from the cat in the hat.I would think that because I listen to my mom just like sally and I don’t make that much mess.I also like telling the truth to others and to be kind to others.

  4. leilani

    maybe one of the kids because i love playing. Kids have so much fun. i believe every kid should pick one of the kids.being a kid is fun. Even though i forgot their names it is fun.

  5. (junior)

    If any body was to ask me what Dr.Seuss character is most like me would say the Lorax and The Cat in Hat, the reason choose these two characters is that when I was little I would watch these same movie ever time and see how the problem even started and ow do they solve it but most important thing in the movie is to see how they were going to see how were they going to solve the problem ether are they going to go on an danger’s trip or there trying to help any one with a problem that even get them in more trouble but most importantly is that they showed kids to be kind,reasponsible,safe,productive,and Authentic plus they showed me all these things kind,safe,learn,effort,and to be productive but really the thing is that when I watch these two movies and see the Characters help solve problems and see whats wrong with the person like if their sad,mad,or their being mean to others for instants they are being mean to people they figure out a way to help solve it,sometimes they say something important like If you are ever getting bulled tell the teacher or just walk a way don’t fight so this is my answer.

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