October 21

Class News Letter

I want you to write a news letter to that would inform any reader to the class blog page what exciting things are going on in our class.

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11 thoughts on “Class News Letter

  1. Fly bird fly aka donny

    We are going to do a lot of fun things in out class we are going to go on a ton of field trips and do a lot of work and some fun things but it is mostly about all the work in our class with all the reading,writing.math and science (:

  2. leilani

    The most exiting thing is the school’s harvest festival. I am helping out with it. I’m going to be a Greek Godess. But the second thing is that my class is setting up the spirit rally.

  3. isaac

    read,my favort book and study my math in the class room and doing work shop also Learnig goals.having a store vist and having fun friday with chrome books and doing spelling test to reach 20 and math test’s.visable learnig folder reading lion wich and the wardworbe.editing some new words on the qestion.

  4. L@v3nd3r (Kevin)

    I think one thing exciting going on in our class are the Pink Certificates because i’m pretty sure it’s the only class that gives you a chance to do something you want to do.

  5. Amanda

    The most exciting thing that are happening is that we get to do the spirit rally it is going to be so much fun and fun Friday. Oh and we get out at 12:30 is in it so cool! YEAH IT IS OMG IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST FRIDAY EVER!!!!

  6. Moni Monica

    The most exciting part in school is the harvest festival.Actually I never had been in a harvest festival,but the harvest festival is on friday on the 23rd but I am going because I think It will be fun even more than a fair.so I think that the harvest festival is going to be fun and amazing

  7. isaac

    studing math in class and praitceing it in the Lesson 3.7 math . were going to have a test on friday and I hope its going to be hard. I going to study my multipication so I can get an Ai pluse on the test so I can get beter at it.reading books is so fun reading it and you can take a test on the chrome book and it can boost your reading level two a new level.

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