September 30


Do you like to explore unknown or new places? Why or why not? Write about a place that you have explored.

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  1. ericka.z

    I do like to explore new places because i want to see what is out there and i want to learn about new places. Also I have been to a big pit called The Pit of doom.

  2. KittenWolf (Kevin)

    I like to explore unknown and unknown places because I could see stuff that I never saw before and find stuff there.

  3. junior Boginisoko

    A place that I’ve explored was a under ground cave it was called the under ground mining center it was a place for kid yong and old it was a field trip

  4. haylie

    I explore at AL before and it was fun i saw a lot of cool things like a cool japan store that has school stuff but it is a long drive from here but it was really fun.

  5. Myles

    The places that I have explored is Lass Vegas,Lass Angeles,and Reno that about most of the places that are kinda far away and those are the I have explored.

  6. Brianna

    yes i like to explore unknown places. I like to because you can learn new things from different places that you have never been to. I never visited an unknown place before in my

  7. Isaiah

    I will explore any places and the place that I explored is California that’s all I want to explore some other places but I do not want to go to nasty mean beacuse you never know that’s why I should not go to some other places but I would go to not the nasty places state your reason oh this is a long sentence I am writting but some other places is nice I would stay their but only if I miss my home and my dogs and friends but only if I have a phone…

  8. Galexycraft aka donny da lynx

    I like to explore uknown places it seems like a fun adventure to look at new things and places there might be a whole new world.

  9. leilani

    i would like to visit new places. why? because they are could be really fun. MY grandma loves SanFransisco. so i would be happy to go to new places i know i went there before bu oh well.

  10. junior

    I would like to explore unknown places.I like to learn about Ancient things I’ve visted a cave that showed unique illusions.If you started at a picture and looked away you would see moving objects. Also,a mirror showed you younger and older

  11. shephali;):)

    I so love to explore unknown places because I love scary things.I love unknown places because you can discover new things.One place I explore is a spooky house and I scared my brother.;)

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