September 29


Make a list of the gifts you’d like to
give and who you’d like to give them to.

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  1. brianna

    the gifts i want to give away are: goosebumps books, Pokemon cards, bed set, and a giant stuffed bed set bear. the books i would give to Ericka, the Pokemon cards to Elida, bed set to my cousin Damaj, and the giant stuffed bear to Tanisha.

  2. isaiah lucas

    I want a 3ds 100 dollars and even more things and I would give it to Miles he been working so hard and doing what he can do and Oustin me and him been best friends for life I am being nice to them this is whatthey get for bening nice

  3. leilani gi

    i would buy 8 gifts for my grandma,3 nieces,four for my nephews. if i had more room i would list a lot of people

  4. #Galexycraft=life aka Donny he he he he he

    I would give every kid in the whole united states of amarica I would give them video games because they need to learn about the internet then to technalogy they need to learn about the world wollolololol yes they must learn about the internet.!!!!!!

  5. devon

    I would like to give gifts to these people.
    My mom likes diamond earrings so I would give
    her those.Tyro is my best friend so I would give him a
    hat that says Best Friends Forever.
    Jaycee is my friend at school, I would give her

  6. brianna

    Isaiah i agree with you because Myles has been working hard. Also the 3ds, I would change it to a 3ds xl.

  7. LeeAustin

    I would make a gift to my grandma and my dad because they give me a house to live in and make food for me.

  8. raina

    I get a Iphone 5 and candy a lot of candy and i get 9000000000 dollars if i can i get a mansion and if i can i go to school and gves ms.penrose a 600 dollars and candy to ms.penrose.

  9. ericka.z

    i would get 10 gifts for my family.I would get my dad a new Ipad Air.
    Also i would give my three sisters all puppies that are pit bulls because they all like pit bulls. I would give my mom a full set of cooking supplies because she makes the best food that i had ever taste

  10. raina

    I get 900000000000000000000 dollars for my mom and dad.
    I get candy for me and riya.
    I get a 8000000 dollars to ms.penrose at school.
    I get a Iphone 5 for me and riya.
    I get a smartphone for my mom dad and ms.penrose.

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