15 thoughts on “Journal

  1. Galexycraft aka DONNY DONNIE??????

    I would want to wish for!!!!!! i don’t know i never really wanted any thing the seconed wish would be for infanite cookies yessss!!!!!!! yesss yessss. The third one would be every single thing in the ????? you willl never know in the world.

  2. shephali kumar

    One of my wishes is that I want to have so many presents for my birthday(which is today)and also money.My second wish is that I can decorate my what ever I want.My third wish is that I can go to sunsplash.

  3. Eduardo

    My first wish would be to have 20 trillion dollars so i can split it with my family and my dad wound not need to work.My second wish I would want would be that me and my family would live for ever.My other wish would be to have unlimited wishes.That is what would wish for if I had three wishes.

  4. Monica Mendoza

    if I make 3 wishes come true, i would get one million dollars and my second wish is to get a kitten last but not least is i will go to six flags i picked those because there are the only ones that i want it to come true i don’t know what every one would pick

  5. brianna

    they would be i wish that i had a phone. i wish i could have a room. i wish i had a ipad. those are my wishes that would to come true.

  6. raina

    My first wish is to get a dog.
    my naets wish is to get a lot of muea ilke a 10’00. lol
    my lens wish is to go to heau.

  7. Monica Mendoza

    another comment that i have is if i had three wishes or more would be is i wished god would with us here in our country and i would see god in heaven

  8. OneInonlyAustinLee

    My 3 wish is having another xbox 360,Having thousands and millions of candy,and having the world best dad ever.

  9. Myles

    The three wishes I wold pick is,one I wish I had one of the the fastest car in the world. Two i wish i had a lot of money so I can help the homeless not be on the street asking for food and money and they can be with there family and be happy again. Three I wish i had the best internet in the world so i can play games for ever and not lag.

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