September 17

9-17-15– Spelling Assignment

Write a story about cats and dogs that uses 10 of your spelling words.

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  1. haylie

    I talk to my dog a since he likes to eat the trash i told him stop eating the trash promise.My dog needed the bathroom so i put on is collar.When i was at home i was doing my homework and then my dog brought a dirty bow in his mouth.When i went to get a snack i caught my dog inside a little room.When i went to the kitchen my dog did not eat the trash and i told him congress.

  2. devon

    I have a very broad cat named Bob. He looks like a comet shooting through the sky . i like dogs because they are cool

  3. amanda

    There once was a dog and a cat that hated each other. One day the dog went and asked another dog why he hated the cat so much. The dog told him that it is common to hate a cat and usual all cat’s and dogs hate each other. The dog said but I want us to be friend but the cat hates me and thinks I am a awful dog. oh well what are you going to do about it. Well I could talk to the cat. Yeah that is a good idea. Okay that is something
    I just thought of. But it is a good idea. Okay let me go and talk to him for a little bit. I think the cat has a volleyball game. Where is it. At the beach I think. Oh yeah I heard something about it said the dog. On Thursday the cat was tiered and heard the door bell ring. It was the dog to come talk to the cat. What are you doing here said the cat very mad. I came here cause I want us to be friends. Well I don’t want us to be friends bye. (cat slams the door in dog’s face) Well I guess this was a bad Idea. At school dog and cat saw each other in the lockers of school and by the office. Then dog caught cat talking with a dog. Dog Said hey I saw you talking to a dog. why do you intercom with what I do said the cat. Please be my friend. Fine Do you promise to be nice. YES! Okay then we can be friends. They were friends.

  4. Galaxycraft aka Donny

    A broad comet flew through the galaxy. It was an awful sight.we thought we would never see it we saw a collar on the floor then we put it down it was probly someones we played volleyball i caght it then i fleed to home in the game i promised i would finsh it but i didnt the end not a weierd ending

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