August 3

Marble Champ Question

Please answer both questions.

Why did Lupe care about being successful in a sports competition?


How did Lupe treat the students she defeated in the competition? How did they respond?

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18 thoughts on “Marble Champ Question

  1. dylan

    Lupe cared in being successful in a sport competition because she was not good at sports.And she treated the others students that she defeated in the competition nice and kind.

  2. alim

    1 Lupe wanted to win at a sport because she knows she is bad at sports.
    2 Lupe treated them good because none of the people were chearing for her.

  3. Daniel

    she care about a sport compettion because she was bad at every sport.

    she would be nice to them

  4. fman122 (Kevin)

    1. Lupe cared about being successful in a sports competition because she had never won any sports before and she wanted to be like other girls or something like that.

    2. Lupe offered the students she defeated to come with her because they had no one to encourage them.

  5. Brianna

    Lupe cared about being successful in a sports competition because she was no good at sports but she practiced hard to become good at marbles. Lupe treated the students that she defeated with kindness and care. The students responded friendly when Lupe told them that they were good and wanted to be friends.

  6. Isaac

    so that she can be good at everything and win the Challage.she treat the students nice and she said good job and she adid her to Lupes team.

  7. Ivan

    Lupe act successful because it was her first game before.

    Lupe act when they defeated the players she ask would you join us Lupe ask to the players.

  8. Myles

    Lupe cared about being successful because she dint know how to play sports.

    Lupe treated them nice and they treated Lupe nice too.

  9. Tanisha

    Lupe cared about being successful in a sport competition because she never won in a sport competition.
    Lupe treated the other people nicely at the game because she let them cheer on her side and she wasn’t being rude.

  10. Amanda

    The reason that Lupe wanted to be good a sport is because she was only good at school and she won award and for once she wanted to do what other girls did. Lupe treated the people she defeated nice and she would tell them to stay and she would be very nice she would not want to talk t them just because they were doing a competition she would be mean she was nice to them. I would be nice to the people I would defeated in a sports competition.

  11. Brittany Izquierdo

    Lupe really wanted to be good at sports because she wanted to be a sport champion and win lots of trophies.Lupe also treated the other kids with respect and kindness she was not being rude to them

  12. Donny

    She was not good at it but she belived in her self that she could but she could not.
    She was nice so she treated them like a friend because she looks really nice

  13. ericka.z

    1. lupe cared about winning in competitions because she wanted to be like the other girls and she wanted to fit in with the other kids.

    2. lupe treated the kids that she beat kind. She didn’t want them to feel bad so she let them follow her around. The kids responded happy and felt cared

  14. kaitlyn

    Lupe was successful on her sport competition because she thinks that she mite loose her competition because she was never good at sports

    when Lupe was defeated the little girl that was right next to her the boys said dame I think that she a can beat the other girls at marbles.

  15. Monica Mendoza

    Why did lupe care about being successful In A sports Competition?
    How did lupe treat the students She defeated in the competition?how did they respond?The first question from marble champ that she always worked hard for sports but lupe always had failed in sports.The second question is she beat her first opponent easily,and felt sorry for the girl because she didn’t have anyone to cheer for her.Except for her sack of marbles,she was all alone with them.That’s it for today I hope you like it.;)

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