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  1. junior

    the grates place I’ve been is a rugby game at the State Fair fiji vs samoa it ended after 1 hour after 1 hour bast it ended in a tie we also took some pitchers then we took them home and we will never forget and i hope fiji vs samoa fiji should win

  2. fman122 aka Kevin

    The best place to visit would be a place far away from school it is quiet and there is lots of anime and manga because I like those stuff 😛 also there is free stuff everywhere and the president is huskywolfywolf. I’m done *clapping starts*

  3. ericka.z

    i would describe Six Flags. I would say Six Flags bc it has a lat of rides that are fun to ride.Also it has loony toons center where kids can go and they have these big rides that are super thrilling. Anyway that is how i would describe Six Flags.

  4. damen

    The best place to live is at lake tahoe. One reason why is because you get to make smores a lot. My second reason is because you get to swim or walk or any other activity in the lake. My last reason is because you can play video games down stairs(only in a cabin).

  5. Brittany Izquierdo

    A greatest place to visit is Disney Land because there is lots of fun stuff for babies and also kids.There are really fun things to explore.

  6. Amanda

    For me the best place to visit is Disneyland Because you get to meet a lot of people from movies like Cinderella Belle and more but also the rides are very fun. When I was 6 I went to Disneyland it was super fun
    I am going In 1 year it will be fun. That is where I would like to visit.

  7. haylie

    The greatest place to go is Disney Land because it has every thing Disney and it is so awesome that is way Disney Land is the greatest place to visit.

  8. Alim

    The hiwian islands because it sunny and the weather is so nice that there is no walls on the hotels.My Grandma went there she said all the 10 year old kids look like me!

  9. Brianna

    The greatest place to visit has water washing up to the sand, building castles going surfing, and getting a sun tan. The beach is what i’m describing as a great place to visit in summer. Also you can find seashells, pebbles, and baby eggs that belong to sea turtle, or other sea creatures that can live in water or land at the same time just like animals that live on land.

  10. dylan

    the greatest place i visited was reno because they had a game place andit was fun i got like 2,000 tickets to get so much stuff.

  11. Alim

    The Hiwian islands must be the greatest place on the planet earth. The largest meat eating animal on the island is a geco or a cumelan.

  12. Tanisha

    The place I like to visit is my grandma’s house. I like to visit her because she teaches me how to sew. Also she is fun. Lot’s of people go to my grandmas house so it gets even more fun. My grandma also teaches me how to cook. She is the best.

  13. raina

    The greast pesau to vitst is sun sietncdn it fun lot of fun you can of fun were your filert

  14. kaitlyn

    The most first place that is fun is that I would like to visit Jose Incredible pizza because it has a theater food drinks and a big fair and you only pay $30 to get in and the second place that I would like to visit is my mom’s house when she gets old and the other thing is I would like to visit my grandma and grandpa’s house.

  15. Monica Mendoza

    Describe the the greatest place to visit?The greatest place that I had visit was disney land.that was my favorite place when I was 5 years old.when I visited disney land It was fun, because My sister & My dad took Me to that place I know that you guys had been in that place.just the same thing as six Flags.hoped you liked it.


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