July 21

What are the Common Core Standards?

In your own words explain the Common Core Standards.

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16 thoughts on “What are the Common Core Standards?

  1. brianna

    The common core standards is something that will help us understand the standards of 5th grade.

  2. Daniel Prestegui

    Common core standers student is all ways pays attention at all times. And never gets in trouble.

  3. KevinDaKevin

    Common Core are things that you learn in 5th grade like Math Grammar Spelling and Reading also Fluency.

  4. Tanisha

    Common core standards is when everyone in that area is doing it.
    For an example in California every school is doing what we’re doing.

  5. shephali kumar

    If I were to explain the common core standard in my own words I would.The common core standard is one thing everyone in the United States are learning everything that is the common core standards.Everyone in Hawaii and Alaska are learning the common core standards.

  6. mspenrose (Post author)

    Daniel: Nice try but I want you to do a google search for Common Core STandards and resubmit your response.

  7. raina

    To day i deit math it was common core standards how becasues kid in they saint is land it to they how it common core standards.

  8. ericka zumbado

    common core standards are like states like different kids are learning the same thing like in los angels they are learning the same thing

  9. Amanda

    A common core standards is about kids from different places study the same thing that kids study like kids in Florida. That is common core standards in my own words.

  10. damen ramos

    The common core core standards are reading,writing,listening,speaking. Reading is to read the clues on how to solve the problem in the question so if you don’t know if its times,plus,minus or division. Writing is after you read it is time to write the question down so you could solve it. Then listening sometimes you have to listen to your teacher because she might give you a little tip to solve the problem. Speaking is when you are doing co-operative work with your class mates to help them out.

  11. Austin lee

    The common core standered for 5th grade is to make you understand what to do in Fifth Grade.

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