June 24

June 24– Journal

What is one thing you plan to do to prepare for sixth grade and why?

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19 thoughts on “June 24– Journal

  1. Roselyn

    I would study because i don’t want to fail 6th grade because i will be the only one in the whole class staying and everybody is going to leave me.

  2. Nicholas

    One thing I would plan to do to prepare for sixth grade is to ask my mom and dad how was sixth grade because I can see how was it like for my mom and dad in sixth grade.

  3. Eleanor

    I would prepare my self to get rid of you because you are such a good teacher and I really like you as a teacher.

  4. Michael luo

    The one thing i would do to prepare for 6th grade is i will bring school stuff to help and not to bring stuff that i do not need because if i did it would been taken away.

  5. ore

    I planed to be what I can and be what I can…………………………………………..ore/ me 😉

  6. nate

    mine is to get everything i need for 6 grade so that I am not late for pencils and the paper and a binder and a folder

  7. Santisgo

    To prepare for sixth grade i would actually study most of the sixth grade math and then do essays to prepare for 6 grade.

  8. GoodDictator

    I would probably practice read more because in sixth grade I would think that you read a lot of story’s in social studies.

  9. Arturo

    the thing i would prepare for six grade is my grade because i want to get better grade so i can get A+ on my test and grade.

  10. EvilDictator

    There can’t be a good dictator a good dictator is still a dictator come on man jose I know it’s you

  11. gabby

    what i would get ready for is to get new clothes and get new shoes and new stuff for school

  12. Donny

    I will try to get as much information in sixth grade and prepare i got
    this from nothing lol cause im smart

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