June 23

Journal Time

A man has to get a fox, a chicken, and a sack of corn across a river. He has a boat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. If the fox and the chicken are left together, the fox will eat the chicken. If the chicken and the corn are left together, the chicken will eat the corn. How does the man do it?

Name four days of the week that start with the letter “t”?

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27 thoughts on “Journal Time

  1. Michael luo

    The days that start with the letter t are teusday thursday because they are the days of the week that is on the weekdays.

  2. BO$$

    today tommorow tuesday thursday tonight FIVE

    he can hold the corn leave the fox in the canoe and then put the chicken in a bag.

  3. Santiago

    The man will take the chicken, and the second question is a trick question it is actually only two days Thursday and Tuesday.

  4. Nicholas

    The man does it by eating the chicken and hunt the fox and bring it over the river with the corn because he is carrying the chicken in his stomach and the fox in his hand.

  5. BO$$

    First, take the chicken across and leave it there…

    Go back alone…

    Take the fox across…

    Leave the fox and take the chicken back…

    Leave the chicken and take the corn across…

    Leave the corn with the fox and go back alone…

    Finally, take the chicken across…

  6. patra

    The man and the chicken cross the river, (the fox and corn are safe together), he leaves the chicken on the other side and goes back across.

    The man then takes the fox across the river, and since he can’t leave the fox and chicken together, he brings the chicken back.

    Again, since the chicken and corn can’t be left together, he leaves the chicken and he takes the corn across and leaves it with the fox.

    He then returns to pick up the chicken and heads across the river one last time.

  7. Mickie

    The man goes across with the chicken and the corn and the chicken are safe.The man will go back and get the fox and then the corn. Today,Thursday,Tuesday,Tonight,The third,Thanksgiving Day,The Thirteen,The Twentieth.

  8. caylah

    first you get the chicken and take it across leave it there then get the corn leave it there but take the chicken back and get the fox take it across and then go back and get the chicken

  9. darkhater

    1 First take the chicken then bring the fox take the chicken back leave the chicken back get the corn then finally get the chicken

    2 today tomorrow tuesday and thursday

  10. angel

    the way he would do it is only bring the fox because he can hunt the food after he ate the chicken. The week that star with t is tue thur that all that in the week.

  11. Brandon (BRIAN) ;)

    1. take chicken to other side
    2. take fox to other side and take chicken back
    3. take corn to other side and leave chicken
    4. go back to take the chicken to the other side

  12. yareli

    the man and the chicken cross the river, the fox and the corn are safe to toeghther,he leaves the chicken on the other side and crosses again

  13. banna macho

    to do it he need to get the chicken leve the chicken get the fox leve the fox to the corn farm and get the chicken take a corn and walk away from the fox and take the chicken.

  14. arturo

    their only two week with t tuesday thursday. i would take the fox because it can hunt me good food

  15. mystical man

    first you get the corn and the chicken and leave it on the other side if the river and I will let it eat the corn.Then I wil get the fox

  16. BrandonTheReiningChamp

    You get the fox to eat the chicken then you murder the fox. after that you take the fox with the chicken inside of it and have a foxen dinner (foxen = chicken + Fox). then you take the corn

  17. Donny

    tusday thursday thanks giving that is all i know i need a forth one!!!!!!! omg i dont know any more

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