1. I enjoy play soccerball because you get exercise and fun with your family.First yuo have a team.You can pas to other people in your team
    Next you practice.You have to lern how stop the ball and block people
    Finalli most important to my family and get time together.You can stay
    closer and geting fun.I love to play soccer with family or team all time.

  2. My favorite activity is roller skating because you can glide and listen to music last family and friends are there. I enjoy gliding in roller skates. Gliding is fun because you can turn and the wind will blow at the rate you go. Music INCOMPLETE

    • Lela, impressive! Very descriptive! Can’t wait to read the rest! – Mr. A

  3. Fishing is my favorite activity because of all the things you can do.One reason why fishing is my favorite activity is because of all the fish and areas there are.The Sacramento river is a common area people prefer going fishing at.There are many type of fish such as stripers,sturgouns,catfish,bass,trouts,salmons,and many others.INCOMPLETE

    • Lyndon, great activity! Watch out not to list “stripers, sturgeons, catfish…” – Tell us what your favorite fish to catch and why. Can’t wait for your finished paragraph! – Mr. A

  4. My favorite sport my favorite sport is to play basketball I like it becuase i keep winng im foucis on the the hoop some times i win and don,t win i don,t get foucis of the hoop i play soting gard i made a lot of shots in the hoop i like to play basketball becuase im good at it. incomplete

    • Juan, so far so good! Watch for spelling (because, winning, focus, etc.). I’m sure it’ll be a great paragraph when you’re finished! – Mr. A

  5. My favrite sport is tetherball.tetherball is fun becuase you get to hit the ball.In order to win you need to get the rope so the rope needs to go around the pole.I like playing


    • Metztli, watch your spelling (favorite, because). Looking forward to the finished product.

  6. What I like about soccer is that we have exercise,have game’s,and we can hang with our friends.The first thing we do is that we exercise and run laps.We exercise and run.When we done that we start to sweat and we have to dribble the ball and start to do hard tricks and sweat more.Another thing we do when we are done with exercising we will have games.My coach splits our team in half.He will make one team to wear a blue t-shirt.Then he will have the game.When i make a goal it feels good to make my team win.When we are all done we can hang with friends.We can hang out with friends and we can teach tricks to each other into INcomplete

    • Mairyn, great start! I like your topic sentence. When you go back to finish your paragraph, don’t forget the spaces in between sentences. – Mr. A

  7. It get’s a little rocky , muddy , and dusty on the road but I can live with it with a new bike . Out doors is fresh air and enjoy nature . Exericise stay healthy heart activeity’s fun can become closer. Cycling is my favorite thing to do . Becease it gets outside , keep me active ,it’s bonding tire with my loved ones. My hole familly ride’s bike all exept for mom . It’s not easy in life. completed

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