Lesley’s “How to Make Friends”

Written by Lesley. Christopher was the director. Jasmine was the director’s assistant. Daisy, Rhea, Lesley and Diana are the actors in her movie.


A1-(walks in the door looking sad and sigh)
A2-What’s wrong
A1–I don’t have any friends expect you
A2- here i’ll help
A1-really were do we start
A2-first talk to the person nicely maybe ask them if you could play with them
A1-(goes to the 2 girls play jump rope and says) hi can I play jump rope with you
A4andA3-ice cream soda cherry on top
A1-(thinking about what A2 said)
A2- lastly ask them if you could be there friends
A1-can I be you friend
A1(walking in the door happily)
A2 so how did it go
A1 I finally got friends thanks to you
A2-no problem thats what friends are for


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  1. That was a great movie. But why was the girl already ready in the class for her?

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