Body Paragraph #1 – Lupe is an intelligent girl.

Students will write a body paragraph that includes a topic sentence, at least ONE evidence sentence, several analysis sentences and a concluding sentence.



  1.     Lupe is very intelligent. She has so many academic awards she could be a genius! At a spelling bee, Lupe won a trophy for first place. Playing at her piano recital, she got an award for music. Proudly, Lupe received an award for perfect attendance. To win the reading contest three summers made Lupe feel happy. Do you think you can become someone as bright as The Marble Champ?

  2.      The 5th grade girl Lupe is Intelligent. Ms.Mendrano is smart. She’s smart because she got perfect attendance,also arcading award for being the fastest reader. The Main Character is a very smart girl.

  3.    &nbsp Lupe is an intelligent. She has won lots of awards for being smart. Ms. Medrano won an award for getting straight A’s. Exitedly, Lupe won an award for winning a spelling bee. She also won an award a piano recital. To win an award for attendane made Lupe feel happy. Reading a book fast, Lupe won an award. The main character is the one who is bright.

  4.      She is a good sport. Cause she is nice to people she never yells. Like miss baseball cap. She is caring to people. She’s a really good sport at marbles. She was not born to play marbles she said I will never be good at sports she is never shellfish to the nieighbor
    hood kids or her brother Alfonso she is never mean and she deserves to have those two trophies cause she is nice and caring.

  5.     Lupe is an intelligent girl. She won an award for academics. Lupe got the awards by getting straight a


  6.     Lupe Medrano is a intelligent girl.Miss Medrano has won many academic trophies.At her music recital, she won a music trophy.Happily, Lupe won a small award for always being in school and she got stung by a wasp!To win the science fair and gettiing a award made Lupe feel happy.The main character ” Marble Champ” is one who is bright.

  7.      Lupe is a very intelligent girl. This girl receives academics for being smart.At school,she had never missed one day and received a trophy.Happily,Lupe won the school spelling bee.Winning the piano recital,she earned a trophy.The main character of the story,”Marble Champ” is proven brilliant.

  8.      Lupe is an intelligent girl. she has lots of awards for being smart. In her piano resital, she got an award for being the best. At school, Lupe was stung by a wasp and didn’t miss 1 day of elementry school.She was congradgulated by the mayor.Miss Madrano won the spelling bee. The main carachter is one who proves to be academical.

  9.     Lupe is absolutely intelligent. One reason why Lupe is brilliant is because of her academic awards and trophies. Three summers in a row, Lupe has won the book reading contest. Playing the piano, Miss Medrano won a piano recital. Amazingly, the young student received a small trophy for her perfect attendance, not including a day in kindergarten when she was stung by a wasp. She was even the school’s spelling bee champion. The 5th grade girl was a straight A student, too! The main character in “Marble Champ”, is a genius as said before.

  10.      Lupe is intelligent.Lupe got a lot of academic award. At the spelling bee Lupe won a spelling bee trophy. Happily, Lupe got a trophy for music and book reading. Lupe is a very smart young women.

  11.     Lupe is a very intelligent person. She gets academic trophies and awards. To win the spelling bee made Lupe feel happy. Winning her piano recital Lupe got an award.At her school Lupe won an award for perfect attendance. The main characters one who is very smart.

  12.     Lupe is a intelligent girl. Lupe is intelligent because she has trophies and awards. Happily, she read three summers in a row at the public library. At school she was the spelling champion. Did Lupe got an award for the science fair? She was even the top student at her piano recital! Lupe had perfect attendance and the mayor gave her a trophy. She was also the grand champion of chess.The main character is the one who works hard.

  13. Lupe is very good at academics. She has lots of trophies for being good at academics. Lupe got a trophy for a spelling bee. She also got one for music. The intellegent girl got an award for book reading , she read the most books. The girl got an award for attendence and another one for straight A’s. the maincharacter is a

  14. Lupe is an intelligent girl. She has asademic trophies. Lupe won a perfect attendence award. Winning the spelling bee,Lupe won a tr


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