The CST 2011 Movie

This year’s message:

Your score matters.
More importantly, YOU matter.


Also available at these sites:
Calaxy – K12HSN

Main Character – Nicole
Final Zombie – Mr. Alfonso
Zombies: Various students from Mr. Alfonso’s class

“Endless Skies” from Digital Juice




  1. I loved this movie. It’s creative, kinda like the one we made last year. I liked the zombies, they were so real-like.

    • Same idea. How do you encourage students during the CSTs? It was actually part of the idea we came up with. Once we started filming, it took over the other ideas. Glad you liked it! I think Kyle would be proud. Now Nicole is the next CST kid.

  2. Our class just watched your movie and we really liked it. Nicole and the zombies were very funny. We enjoyed your creativity. Thank you for the advice and reminders on how to do our best on the CST test.

    • Thank you so much for the compliments and the link-age on your blog! We totally appreciate it!

  3. Hello Mr. Alfonso’s Class,

    Just thought you’d enjoying knowing that I’m teaching a blogging class right now to several teachers. They love your movie!

    I also noticed that Mrs. McCartney, a 3rd grade teacher at Carroll Elementary School has posted about your video and embedded it too so her students can watch it again from home – http://blogs.egusd.net/mrsmccartney/2011/04/18/cst-video/.

    Thanks for creating a fabulous resource!

    • Many of my students told me this morning that they watched your video again at home and shared it with their friends and families. Also, the teacher next door to me is sharing it with his class today. You are going viral! 🙂

  4. Your effects were AMAZING!!!!!! I am great at spotting things, and I saw that the computers in the background were going crazy. The only thing that could have been changed was when she reacted to the CST in the beginning, she could have looked straight to make it more dramatic. This movie was better with its feelings than it was in the last CST movie. Basically, this was VERY, VERY, VERY GREAT. I can’t wait until next years CST movie! Oh, and Mr. Alfonso, those faces gave me nightmares.What ever you do, do NOT change your enthusiasum to keep making movies.

    Kyle M.

    • You are well missed Kyle! Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. I will share this with our class. Could you tell your dad that Smedberg doesn’t have a video production class. It has a performing arts department but no video production. : ( I’m sure you’ll find a way to express you creativity and talent! Talk to you soon, Kyle!

      Best wishes,
      Mr. Alfonso

    • Kyle,
      So no independent filmmaker entry from you for this year’s SEVAs? Darn!
      I just read Mr. Alfonso’s comment and I also want to encourage you to enroll in a video productions class – not only for what you would gain from the class, but also for what you would contribute!

      Heading in one more time to watch to watch your stellar performance in last year’s Secret to the CST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSK1WlLVtIQ,
      Miss Gail

      • Alright, I will try. The only problem is that they probably will not have one at the new school I am going to. I want to make more movies, but I don’t know how besides going back to David Reese. I also do not have very much time to make it. I don’t have the time because I have a brother now AND we are moving VERY soon!! I have been giving story boads to one of Mr. Alfonso’s students though!! Well, I guess I’ll go and watch the movie again now, only, I will be watching it on the DVD Mr. Alfonso gave me. I know you are reading, so, THANKS MR. ALFONSO!!!!!!!

        Kyle, the Past CST Kid

  5. Alright, I will tell him. Too bad we are not going to Smedburg. Did you get the new storyboard from Elexis about cell phone rules? If you did, make it as good as this movie was. Also, I didn’t know that the SEVAs had already started entering. I wasn’t going to enter any other movies, but I thought it was happening later. Like I said yesterday, keep making movies with all your amazing enthusiasum!!!!!!

  6. I liked the zombie movie. Why didnt we came up with that movie before ? Well I can see some people moving around in the background. That’s okay we all make mistake. As you can see , that the last CST movie, you can see some mistake. Well keep making movies. And the more you make the less mistake you can make. 8)

    ~Kathryn S.

  7. Excellent job Mr. Alfonso, Nicole, and Zombies! I wish these movies were around when I took State tests (They would have been in black and white).


  8. that movie was awesome and funny !!!! it made me do my best on the test

    • I wanted to set a good example of how to storyboard so I included my drawings/storyboards. Thanks for the compliment!

      Mr. Alfonso

  9. The movie was funny and cool
    it was a good movie to show all
    of us.

  10. Mr. Alfonso, you are going to get ALOT of comments from what I believe. This is because I am going to show the class I am in up here in Yuba that I was famous, that we did make movies, and that they have a good reason to think I am cool!!!!!!! Well, I was just warning you so you are not SO frightened when it happens.

  11. Great job on your movie. I really like how the people where acting as if they were zombies. I noticed that it was a little jumpy with the expression but I don’t care.This movie rocks !

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