PBIS Home Matrix

Using a behavioral expectations matrix at home can help make routine activities run smoothly and can also provide new supports for your child at home. The common format of the matrix creates the opportunity for smooth transitions from home to school. The focus of recognizing positive behavior and teaching expectations at home allows for praise at home when the child is displaying expected home behaviors.

Parent Workshops

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Bully Prevention

How to Get Involved?

  • Elk Grove Unified understands the critical role of families and communities in the education of children. This is one reason why there are so many avenues available for families to be involved in creating high quality school environments for all students.
  • PBIS Team Representation: Every school in Elk Grove has a PBIS leadership team. Community and family members are critical members of this team. If you have a passion for helping create high quality learning environments please consider this option.
  • District Wellness Implementation team: Elk Grove as has a districtwide leadership team that monitors progress and promotes the social emotional well being of students. This team does welcome community members, if you are interested in knowing more please contact one of the PBIS coaches.
  • Contact site administration: If you would like to know more about PBIS at your area school or have questions please contact the site administration.
  • Contact PBIS coaches: If you would like to know more about PBIS at your area school or have questions another option is to contact the assigned PBIS coach.

Supporting Our Community

As PBIS expands and evolves, this video celebrates and values our partnerships with our families and our growing community.

Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

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