What does PBIS look like on a school campus?

  • Schools will identify and post expectations in specific settings used to teach students the appropriate behavior. For example:  “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.”
  • Staff are able to state and use the expectations and interpret them uniformly.
  • Students are taught the expectations at the beginning of the year and then reviewed monthly.
  • Appropriate behaviors are reinforced. Teachers know which behaviors to manage in class and which behaviors school administration will manage.
  • Data-based decisions are made based upon the data entry into EGUSD’s Student Information System.
  • Acknowledgement systems include tickets that students earn for exhibiting taught expectations.
  • Rallies and assemblies are created to acknowledge positive behavior and develop positive school climate.
  • Signs, banners and posters are hung around the school campus to post expectations and give opportunities to review and reteach when necessary.
  • The school climate feels positive and encouraging.
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Principal Michelle Jenkins describes a strategy to implement school-wide expectations on the playground.

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Kim Wallace, Teacher in Charge at Toby Johnson Middle School talks about successful early implementation of school-wide expectations.

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Edna Batey Elementary Kick-off Day

Examples of School Wide Expectations

Community Friendly

Entering School Grounds
Be Empathetic
Be Accountable
Be Wise
Dismissal Bus Area


Playground Expectations

Entering School Grounds
Roaring to Success
Tether Ball
Kids playing Tetherball
Playground Wood Chips
Game Rules
Safe Signage
Teacher with kid
Teacher with Kids
Playground Cleanup
Playground Rules
Playground Rules

Common Area Expectations

We Are Respectful
The Three R's
School Gate
Outside Hallway and Quad
Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
Jaguar Nation
Be Safe
Arriving and Leaving Campus
Welcome to the Quad
We Are Safe
Be Safe

Classroom Expectations


Restroom Expectations


Cafeteria Expectations


Office Expectations


Multipurpose Room Expectations




Teaching Expectations