PBIS aims to respond to each students needs.  As the graphic below shows, there are three tiers of support that provide supports and services based on the student’s needs and how they respond to interventions.

  • The first tier focuses on core, universal instruction and support.  This focuses on clearly defining expectations for all students, teaching those expectations providing consistent and meaningful consequences, both positive and negative, then using behavior data to monitor the school climate and adjust supports to meet student need.
  • The second tier focuses on targeted instruction /intervention and supplemental support.  Tier 2 is designed to support the needs of student at risk and/or falling behind.
  • The third tier provides intensive individualized supports based upon each student’s need.
TIER 3: Intensive, Individualized Interventions & Supports

The most intense (increased time, narrowed focus reduced group size) instruction and intervention based upon individual student need provided in addition to and aligned with Tier 1 & 2 academic and behavior instruction and supports.
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TIER 2: Targets Interventions & Supports

More targeted instruction/intervention and supplemental support in addition to and aligned with the core academic and behavior curriculum.
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TIER 1: Core, Universal Instruction & Supports

General academic and behavior instruction and support provided to all students in all settings.
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Image Source: 3-Tier Pyramid – http://www.koi-education.com/