9 thoughts on “Journal

  1. ericka^_^

    I would be most excited to be 15 because i can go on all the the rides with my friends and go to clubs ^_^

  2. isaac lucas

    the age i am excited about is turning 18 years old becues i will be in colleg and i will have my own house.

  3. Donny

    I am exited to reach 21 so i can buy 100$ worth of cases in team fortress 2 and i can get a unusual witch are really cool and then i can play with it and inspect the item it might be battle scarred but that will not matter only if it is a cool weapon and the i will get a stat tracker on it but then i have to make it strange witch that won’t do anything

  4. Devon

    I wish i was 20 years old so i can enjoy life and i can do anything i want. And I’m going to college and have a good education and live at a house.

  5. ivan

    The age I want to exited to reach is 83 because it will be a long time before I reach that age from now

  6. leilani

    I’m most excited to turn age 15.I want to have a Kinsenyeta.I want it to be big and beautiful.It is one of the thousands of ways to fell alive,loved,and happy.This is what i would probably like.


    i am mostly exited to be 18 or older to be my self and start seeing my own live and to start working and also to do my own live know.

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